Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Strahlenbiologie und Medizinische Physik
Société Suisse de Radiobiologie et de Physique Médicale
Società Svizzera di Radiobiologia e di Fisica Medica
Swiss Society of Radiobiology and Medical Physics

Annual Meeting in Lausanne: 17./18. November 2005

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Thursday 17th November 2005
0900 - 1000 Registration
1000 - 1015 Opening of the meeting
R. Moeckli, Organising Committee, Lausanne
L. André, SSRMP President, Bern
1015 - 1215 Radiotherapy I
Chair: J.-Y. Ray, Sion
1015 - 1100 Invited speaker: U. Schneider, Zürich
Modelling secondary cancer risk after radiotherapy
1100 3-D conformal radiotherapy treatment planning for prostate cancer: better organ definition and less dose to the penis bulb with MRI-based compared to CT-based virtual simulation?
G. Dipasquale, C. Ares, C. Jargy, P. Nouet, M. Rouzaud, R. Miralbell
1115 Open low-field magnetic resonance (MR) versus computerised tomography (CT) in tumor bed localisation for breast radiotherapy treatment planning.
G. Dipasquale, S. Balmer Majno, P. Petrow, C. Jargy, B. Pastoors, J. Kurtz
1130 Commissioning of the Electron Monte Carlo Algorithm (EMC) and evaluation for clinical use.
P. Pemler, J. Besserer, U. Schneider
1145 Preliminary results from testing the Anisotropic Analytical Algorithm for photon dose calculation.
L. Cozzi, A. Fogliata, G. Nicolini
1200 Rectal volume changes during radiotherapy for prostate cancer and mild to moderate late rectal toxicity.
M. Rouzaud, J. Lozano, C. Ares, P. Nouet, L. Escudé, G. Dipasquale, M. Mollà, D. Linero, R. Miralbell
1215 Influence of rectal volume changes on safety margin expansion around the clinical target volume in radiotherapy for prostate cancer: the case for an anisotropic expansion in the antero-posterior axis.
R. Miralbell, J. Lozano, C. Ares, P. Nouet, L. Escudé, G. Dipasquale, M. Mollà, D. Linero, M. Rouzaud
1230 - 1415 Lunch (Sponsored by Siemens and Brainlab) and Industrial exhibition
1415 - 1612 Nuclear medicine, radiation protection and radiation metrology
Chair: G. Garavaglia, Lausanne
1415 - 1500 Invited speaker: O. Ratib, Genève
Multimodality imaging and applications beyond diagnosis.
1500 PET/CT QA: from precise standardised uptake values to information transfer in radiation therapy.
O. Pisaturo, R. Moeckli, N. Hejira, P. Monnin, M. Kosinski, C. Wastiel, S. Bulling, F. R. Verdun
1512 Challenge and pitfalls of open source radionuclide therapy - Need of ”dosimetry training” in Radioimmunotherapy.
F. Corminboeuf, Th. Krause, E.-P. Ritter, S. Weidner, M. Hofmann
1524 Ion-imprinted polystyrene resin for selective extraction of 90Y in a 90Sr/90Y generator.
P. Froidevaux, A.-S. Chauvin, J.-C. G. Bünzli, R. Scopelliti
1536 Dosimetry and Quality Assurance in High Dose Rate Brachytherapy with Iridium-192.
F. Bochud, B. Leemann, R. Linder, K. Münch-Berndl, R. Moeckli, H. Nemec, M. Sassowsky, G. Stucki
1648 Nouvelle méthode de vérification des dosimètres pour les rayons X de moyenne énergie.
T. Buchillier, C. Castella, F. Bochud
1600 Primary measurement of 222Rn at IRA-METAS.
P. Spring, Y. Nedjadi, F. Bochud
1630 - 1730 Annual general assembly SBMP/APSPM
1800 - 1930 Visit of the cathedral of Lausanne
2000 Dinner at Restaurant du Château d’Ouchy
Friday, 18th November 2005
0800 - 1033 Radiological physics
Chair: P. Pemler, Zürich
0800 - 0900 PET-CT teaching course
F. R. Verdun, Lausanne
0900 - 0945 Invited speaker: P. Trueb, Bern
The Swiss approach to Diagnostic Reference Values
0945 Noise qualification in MSCT of various technologies.
D. Gutierrez, P. Monnin, F. Gudinchet, F.R. Verdun
0957 An image quality comparison of standard and dual-side read CR systems for paediatric radiology.
P. Monnin, Z. Holzer, R. Wolf, U. Neitzel, P. Vock, F. Gudinchet, F.R. Verdun
1009 Performances analysis of 4-row and 16-row MDCT units.
F.R. Verdun, N. Theumann, D. Guttierez , P. Schnyder, S.D. Qanadli
1021 Classification of mammographic parenchymal patterns with multidimensional statistical features.
C. Castella, K. Kinkel, M. P. Eckstein, P.-E. Sottas, F. Descombes, F. R. Verdun, F. O. Bochud
1033 - 1115 Coffee, exhibition
1115 - 1233 Radiotherapy II
Chair: P. Manser, Bern
1115 - 1145 Invited speaker: B. Pastoors, Genève
Statistics in Swiss radiation oncology departments: results and perspectives.
1145 The SC cyclotron and beam lines of PSI’s new protontherapy facility PROSCAN.
M. Schippers, J. Duppich, G. Goitein, M. Jermann, E. Pedroni, for the PROSCAN team
1157 BART (Breathing Adapted Radiotherapy) using modern gating technologies.
P. H. Cossmann, C. von Briel
1209 Acceptance testing and commissioning of a X-ray imageguided radiotherapy system.
J.-F Germond,  M. Notter
1221 Linac Cone-beam-CT option: A useful tool?
A. Stuessi, C. von Briel, P. H. Cossmann
1233 - 1430 Lunch, coffee, exhibition
1315 - 1430 Annual general assembly SSRMP
1430 - 1642 Radiotherapy III
Chair: B. Davis, Zürich
1430 - 1530 Invited speaker: T. Mackie, USA
Clinical Implementation of Tomotherapy
1530 A method to evaluate the quality of beam matching between LINACs.
P. Favre, C. Chatelain, J.-F. Germond
1542 Quality control of a linear accelerator using electronic portal imaging.
H. Schiefer, W. W. Seelentag, J. Roth
1554 On the absolute dose calibration of the PV-aS500 Varian Portal Imager for IMRT.
G. Nicolini, A. Fogliata, E. Vanetti, A. Clivio, L. Cozzi
1606 Comprehensive leaf motion files analysis of head and neck and prostate IMRT treatment fields and its possible application in patient specific QA.
D. Frauchiger, P. Manser, E.J. Born, R. Mini
1618 Shielding considerations in helical tomotherapy.
S. Baechler, R. Moeckli, F. Bochud
1630 Influence of Contrast Agent on IMRT dose distribution in head and neck patients.
G. Kunz, G. Studer, J.B. Davis
1642 - 1700 Closing of the meeting
L. André, SSRMP President, Bern

Exhibitors and Sponsors:
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