Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Strahlenbiologie und Medizinische Physik
Société Suisse de Radiobiologie et de Physique Médicale
Società Svizzera di Radiobiologia e di Fisica Medica
Swiss Society of Radiobiology and Medical Physics

Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Biomedizinische Technik
Société Suisse de Génie Biomédical
Swiss Society for Biomedical Engineering

Gemeinsame Jahrestagung : Zürich 23./24.9.1999

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Bulletin 3/99 (Dez. 1999)

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Tagungsort : Universitätsspital / Nordtrakt 1
Grosser Hörsaal, Frauenklinik

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Brief Report :

The 1999 Annual Meeting was held on September 23rd and 24th at the University Hospital in Zurich. This Meeting was a joint meeting with the Swiss Society of Biomedical Engineering (SSBE). Joining together with the biomedical engineers resulted in a very interesting and scientifically rewarding meeting. It was originally thought that one day would be dedicated to topics related to biomedical engineering and one day to topics related to medical physics, but the response to our call for papers was such that we had to organise two parallel sessions on the afternoon of the 23rd in order to accommodate the large number of abstracts received. This is very good news, as it is not only indicative of the level of scientific activity in this country, but also that the SSRMP annual scientific meeting is an accepted platform for presenting the results of these activities.

Two main themes were chosen for the meeting: Biocompatible Materials, which was organised by the SSBE and Conformal Therapy which was organised by SSRMP. All presentations on biocompatible materials were given by invited speakers and were, without exception, excellent presentations. They gave an insight in topics into which very few medical physicists would normally venture. The scientific sessions of the SSRMP were mainly divided into clinic oriented topics, namely X-ray Diagnostics, Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy, Radiobiology, Conformation Therapy, Treatment Planning and Miscellaneous Topics. We had the pleasure of greeting three distinguished guests in our midst. Prof. J. C. Yanch from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology gave us a very comprehensive review of the work she is doing on Boron Neutron Capture Synovectomy. Dr. S. Pajovic from the TESLA Scientific Centre, Belgrade presented the radiobiology research programme of the centre. Dr. A. R. Hounsell from the Christie Hospital in Manchester gave an excellent talk on the physical aspects of conformal 3D radiotherapy.

The annual scientific meeting also provides us with the opportunity to hold the annual general meeting, which gives members a chance to express themselves freely. It is worth mentioning that the paper on the guidelines for obtaining a professional certification in medical physics was accepted by the members and that this meeting saw a change of president. Thus we would like to thank J. F. Germond for his good work and dedication for the past 4 years and welcome W. Seelentag into the president's chair for the next 2 years.

On the social side we wanted to offer colleagues and sponsors a chance to meet in a relaxed atmosphere in the company of Pascal Schweizer and his good friends, the Hot Stones, Blues and Dixie Band of Kloten. We hope that those who joined us were satisfied with the evening on the lake. A few die-hards concluded the evening in a local drinking establishment, hoping that the rain would stop.
Pascal Schweizer, one of the hottest Stones, was already awaiting us at the bar to invite us to the welcome drink (don't only count on him - click on him !). He had been the SGSMP Treasurer since 1991, and on the board since 1979 : this included also two terms as president (1983-1987). Certainly an extraordinary career of dedication to our society, for which we all are grateful.

Finally we would like to thank the companies for their financial support, either by directly sponsoring the meeting or by contributing to the industrial exhibition. We would also like to thank all participants for making the trip to Zurich, especially those who made a scientific contribution, whether it be in the form of an oral presentation or a poster.

J. B. Davis, P. Egli, B. Reiner, V. Miltchev, P. Schweizer
On behalf of the SSRMP organising committee

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